9 Chocolates Handmade in London

9 Chocolates Handmade in London


At Doo Wop we aim to delight the palate of a chocolate connoisseur.

Lift the magnet clasped lid to reveal an array of nine hand crafted chocolates that will deliver a truly divine and indulgent chocolate experience.

We offer an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic chocolates made from the finest Belgian chocolate available in dark, milk, and white varieties. Our chocolates are carefully created by hand focussing on decadence and flavour, and come presented in our bespoke re-usable box.

Each box contains nine chocolates; choose a combination from our range or select nine of your favourites, and we will package and send them to your requested address within two working days.

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Alcoholic gin chocolates in London with multiple of flavours, vegan-friendly selection.


A multiple of flavours is available within the one box of 9 handmade chocolates by Doo Wop Chocolate cafe in London. Find here alcoholic gin chocolates and more

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